Thinking On Your Feet In Negotiation

/Thinking On Your Feet In Negotiation

Thinking On Your Feet In Negotiation

We negotiate everyday, with everybody. Most of the time, we might not aware that we are doing it because is such an everyday event. What is negotiating? What is the difference between negotiating and other forms of meeting or communicating?

Negotiation involves an element of trade or bargaining – an exchange of one valuable resource for another to enable both parties to achieve a satisfactory outcome. For some people, the very fact that the transaction they are about to undertake is labeled with the name ‘a negotiation’ means that they become nervous and concern about it.

Course Outline

  • EQ in Negotiation.
  • A Positive Approach.
  • Preparing to Bargain.
  • Learning the Art to Becoming a Master Communicator
  • Moving Through “Statements”.
  • Countering Conflict In Negotiation.
  • Dealing with the Unexpected
  • A Great Closure.


What participants will gain at the end of the program

  • Meet the needs of both parties.
  • Strengthen the relationship.
  • Delineate clear action steps that both parties understand.
  • Improve performance, plan your strategies and achieve peak performance in a competitive negotiating environment.

Our Approach

  • Highly interactive lectures
  • Interactive Discussion
  • Role plays
  • Course manual
  • Activity Handbook
  • Personal Action Plan
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