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About HPI, let’s hear what our satisfied partners are saying…

Dear Jerome,

It was nice meeting during EI workshop. It was wonderful experience interacting with you. The way you handle the subject was fabulous. The examples and the content was just apt. We all are confident that this will definitely bring improvement of our EI.

With best wishes

Ranjan Mital
Hero Honda Motors Ltd

"He is emotionally intelligent to convey main points to participants and get everyone involved most of the time."

Tan Boon Yee
Project Manager
Comptel Communications

Yes, the EI Seminar has helped me and my team understands and performs better. We shared the learning’s with the rest of the organization as well. As you had rightly mentioned EI is a journey and we are glad that we took the first step attending the seminar.

Shirley Priyadarsini
Sr. Manager HR
Newbreak India Pvt Ltd

"Lively, Animated, Knowledgable, Fun Guy!"

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
Head of Medical Affairs
Roche (M) Sdn Bhd

Feeling great to hear from you. It was a pleasure attending your seminar. You did a splendid job. You really opened our perception on our mind. I was amused to know the details of how mind works. Looking forward to get associated with you over the Forum and get connected with likeminded friends.

Good luck to you & to your team.

P.G.V. Babu, Manager
Newwoodlands Hotel, Chennai

It was a fantastic journey that we started off on during the EI seminar, would be more than happy to receive brain tips from you. Many thanks also to my HR manager who sponsored me for this program.

Have a great day!

Gerald Martin Joseph

"Conducted the training efficiently. Very proficient in the subject matter."

Kamariah Binti Zainal
General Manager, Policy Administration
AmBank Group

"I like the responsiveness to the group.."

Suzanna Abdul Wahab

It was an incredible experience to be at the seminar with you. You are such a special person and bring the subject alive with such ease and eloquence. It was wonderful to interact with you and I will be honoured to be added to the Emotional Intelligence Travellers List and the EI Forum.

Thank you so much for sharing and helping others in enhancing their potential.

Dr. Pratima Rajan MD
MPH Consultant & Head
Department of Preventive Cardiology & Cardiac Rehabilitation
Jaslok Hospital & Research Center

It is indeed an “experience” during the 2 days training conducted by Jerome. It has opened my mind to see things in another perspective now and going forward in both personal and work. EI is a good tool and it would be good for your company too to market this training.

Loh, Carine
Senior Account Manager
Brambles Corporation Sdn Bhd