Implementing A Training Needs Analysis

/Implementing A Training Needs Analysis

Implementing A Training Needs Analysis

Prior to conducting training programs in an organization, it is necessary for the organization to identify which training programs are relevant and are of top priority in order to face the organization’s business and human capital challenges. The process/approach to this is termed as Training Needs Analysis (TNA). It is also paramount to be able to identify the strength and weaknesses of the Employees –General Staff and Management –in order to identify who should be focused on in different topics, The T.N.A. will also enable the identification of potential Coaches or Trainers among the staff within the organization.

This approach will also provide ample information with regards to current performance level of the general staff and management, as well as the organizational management style.

Course Outline

The TNA developed comprises of four integrative phases:


The planning phase will involve issues such as:

  • Clarifying and stating the objectives of the TNA
  • Determining the scope of the analysis
  • Determining the resources required from your organization in conducting
    the TNA

Analysis of the Data:

  • Compile data
  • Collate and interpret data
  • Format data into report

Gathering Data:

  • Analyzing the job description of the employees according to department
    and positions.
  • Analyzing the past performance appraisals and reviews on the
    employees in determining the areas needed to be developed.
  • Linking all those findings to the existing Vision-Mission-Objective
    Statements of your Company.

Matching your organization’s needs with appropriate training programs:

  • Develop training plan by your organization
  • Design & developing the training materials



What participants will gain at the end of the program

  • To identify and match training programs with the required and desired employee’s skills set
  • To understand & learn a structured approach to selection of training topics, their benefits and objectives
  • To design, implement and evaluate the areas of Human Capital Development of an organization
  • To be able to use the information derived from the TNA for Performance Management and employee motivation

Our Approach

  • Highly interactive lectures
  • Interactive Discussion
  • Role plays
  • Development of personal / group action plan
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