Change Management and Paradigm Shift

/Change Management and Paradigm Shift

Change Management and Paradigm Shift

Our Change Management & Paradigm Shift framework provides a structured and holistic approach to leadership development and improved corporate performance It specifically addresses 4 critical factors, essential to determining an organization’s adequacy to deliver customer value and provide a catalyst for team synergy through improved leadership skills.

The 4 critical factors are:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Change Management
  • People Management
  • Customer Focus

Course Outline

  • Leadership & People Management
  • Creative Thinking
    – Creativity at Work
    – Self-Actualization
    – Instilling a Creative Company Culture
  • Change Management
    – Developing skills for Successful Change
    – Psychology of Winning
  • Influencing & Persuasive Skills
    – Dealing with opponent styles, strategies & tactics
    – Mastering key influencing skills
    – Developing mutual trust for smoother relationships
  • Customer Focus
    – Level of Service
    – Right practices for repeat customer
    – Research role in customer services

What participants will gain at the end of the program

Leadership – Building up the leadership capabilities at all levels of management towards agendas for excellence. Specifically imparting:

  1. Creative thinking
  2. Change management

People Management – A fundamental pillar of service excellence is ‘People’ competencies. The focus of this element is to train and develop, motivate and retain your organization’s ‘people assets’

Customer Focus Strategy – Creating the Customer Experience denotes cascading a culture that continually creates differentiating experiences for your customers – the Service Intent. This culture must be understood and embraced throughout your organization.

  1. Establish a customer focused culture in their workplace
  2. Establish an organizational culture that fosters creativity

Our Approach

  • Highly interactive lectures
  • Interactive Discussion
  • Role plays
  • Course manual
  • Activity Handbook
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