Dr. Jerome-Pierre BONNIFAY – Founder & Expert Consultant

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Dr. Jerome-Pierre BONNIFAY – Founder & Expert Consultant

The right skills are essential to delivering a winning brand experience. To achieve this, you need to apply Emotional Intelligence.

Every human is equipped with the most complex machine in the world, our brain. Composed of over 100 Billion parts, we have only recently mapped its tremendous capabilities. Yet most of the time we deploy our given abilities poorly as we have been programmed with the paradigms and preconceptions of others. Breaking these barriers frees the mind of internal noise, allowing us space to think and grow.
This increases our productivity greatly and leads to healthier, happier lives

– Jerome Pierre Bonnifay

Dr. Jerome-Pierre BONNIFAY is a Human Resource expert with over 20 years of worldwide training experience with organizations. His global approach and passion for Whole Brain Thinking has led to his reputation of being a Global Authority and Evangelist of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Termed the “Global Authority of Emotional Intelligence” by India Times, Dr. Jerome continues to enlighten thousand of participants from around the world with his insights into the power of EI and its ability to make you outshine and outperform your competitors. Dr. Jerome’s sharing on EI can be found on www.jeromebonnifay.com.

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